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Policy Decisions That Can Reduce Road Accidents

Posted: 27th January 2017 by Rachel Welsby in Driving Lessons
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Traffic offenses are a serious danger to pedestrians and drivers alike. It can cause a lot of issues on the road such as traffic jams and accidents and can even result in the loss of life. It has been proven time and time again that traffic laws are not enough to make our roads safe. There has to be a proper system of implementation to make sure that people follow these rules. This means proper sanctions for those who do not follow road rules as they drive. However these sanctions have to be reasonable as well, because they cannot be too harsh when compared to the offence they are trying to curb. If you work for the department of motorways or other such department that is in charge of road safety, here are a few sanctions you can implement to offenders of basic road rules.

Charging a fine

Charging a small fine is the most popular way of sanctioning the breach of road rules. The fines can be different amounts that depend on the seriousness of the offense. For example, poor discipline on the road can lead to a lower fine, while driving recklessly can result in a higher fine for the drivers. It’s also a source of income for the government that can use these funds to maintain the roadways.

Educating the drivers

Another very effective way of reducing traffic offenses is by having mandatory lessons for offenders. If the offender has violated road rules they can be required to take lessons with a driving instructor or attend lectures on the road rules. If they do not attend these lectures they can be charged a fine or required to come before court for a more serious punishment.

Apart from getting driving lessons at Ryde that the offender might genuinely need in order to avoid future transgressions of this nature, the hassle of having to give up their free time to come for these lessons will act as a punishment for their past offense.

Revoking the license

If the offense is very serious the drivers can have their licenses revoked so that they cannot get behind a wheel again. This can be reserved for instances such as if the offense has resulted in the loss of life of another pedestrian. It can also be decided that the license will be revoked until the driver relearns to drive. Such a decisions reasonable if the cause of the accident was a genuine lack of knowledge on the part of the driver. These will have to be decided on a case-by-case basis.